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Annoyed because there is no Panto? Make a film!


The 1st AATG Short Film Festival

Film Premier Event 4-6 December 2020

To combat the gloom of having to cancel the Panto this year, let's focus our energies on something positive and new. We have 100+ creative and talented members so let's come together to show what we can do!

What is this film festival about?

To replace the panto on the weekend of December 4-6 we will host a Film Premiere event. Depending on the corona virus situation, this event will probably be online rather than in a theatre or hall. We hope to have at least 20 short films what will be Premiered at his event. The films will be streamed together in live webinar session. After the event they will be made available online.

Where will these short films come from?

They will come from you! AATG members and non-members can submit a film to be shown. If you feel intimidated because you have never done this before or do not own a professional video camera then do not worry: we will help get you started with some workshops (to be announced soon on this site) and it does not matter which equipment you use. A smartphone will provide all the quality you need.

More important than video quality is the story that you will bring to life on camera. Make us laugh, make us cry, enlighten and entertain us.

What sort of short film?

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences defines a short film as being less than 40 minutes. However we have decided to limit the length to between 1 minute and 20 minutes (including title and credits). There will be four categories:

  • Narrative (any genre: comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi etc.)
  • Documentary
  • Music
  • Animation
There will also be four age categories:
  • Under 10
  • 10-13
  • 14-18
  • 18+

Will there be awards?

Absolutely! The films will be adjudicated by a jury who will give their feedback on all the films. The jury score will account for 50% of the total with the other 50% coming from the public vote. There will be prizes for:

  • Best film in each category and age-group (16 prizes)
  • Public vote for best film overall
  • Best actor (male and female in each age-group)
  • Best cinematography, awarded by the jury (1 prize for all categories)
  • Best sound, awarded by the jury (1 prize for all categories)
  • Best effects, awarded by the jury (1 prize for all categories)
  • Best music,,awarded by the jury (1 prize for all categories)

There will be a lot of categories and a lot of prizes - so have your speeches ready!

There will be one extra prize to combat the negativity of this whole corona thing: Make the World a Better Place. This prize will be selected by the AATG Chair to the film the brings the most positive message or which makes us laugh the most.

Finally there will be the top three films, the winners will be selected by the jury
  • Best film (prize: Smartphone gimbal, Zoom H1n portable recorder and a LED video light)
  • 1st runner up (prize: Smartphone gimbal)
  • 2nd runner up (Zoom H1n audio recorder)

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