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AATG Film-making Group Relaunch

The 1st AATG Short Film Festival was a great success. We showcased 11 films created by our members, and also a couple of non-membets. We are relaunching the AATG Film-making Group with a project to make a 30 minute film in 2023. The goal is to have fun, learn as much as possible about making a film and hopefully also to produce something that we are proud of. To kick things off we will have a meeting in the afternoon of 19 February at 14:00 at hte cafe Hudson in Voorschoten. Please take a look at what we made in 2020 during the height of Covid!

1st Prize: On Point by A. Rose
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2nd Prize: Let's Go Girls by Lucia Alvarez
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3rd Prize: Ensnared Bird by Lorna Wijma
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