Filmmaking Group

Annoyed because there is no Panto? Make a film!

1st Prize:
Best Documentary:
On Point, A. Rose
2nd Prize:
Best Junior Actor (Lucia Alvarez):
Let's Go Girls, Lucia Alvarez
(11-13yr category)
3rd Prize:
Best Female Actor (Lorna Wijma):
Ensnared Bird, Lorna Wijma
Best Male Actor (John Kearey):
Best Original Score (Gregor Connelly):
Friday Wet Dusk, by John Kearey
Best Editing:
Mission / Transmission, Hans van Bemmelen
Best Foreign Film:
Look What I'm Doing, Claudia Yila Arbos
Best Youth Cinematography:
Fight for Invisibility, Emma Morato
(11-13yr category)
Best Music Video:
No More Excuses, Elske Toot
Best Animation:
Styloclash, Lama Waaien
Best Comedy:
Employable Skils by Nicholas Verkerk
Best Cinematography:
Taijitu by Lama Waaien
(not in competition):
Fear by Hugo Fernandez Gonzalez (jury member)

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Film Premiere Event
9 Jan 2021

Awards Ceremony
10 Jan 2021

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