Filmmaking Group

Need help getting started?

This section well soon be populated with information on how to get started. Most of us in the AATG have had minimal experience with film, but of course this will not stop us!

In the coming weeks we will add a number of online workshops to point you in the right direction:

  • Getting started
  • Script and storyboarding
  • Planning
  • Filming techniques
  • Sound recording
  • Lighting
  • Editing

If you can't wait for this, check out the links below
The MoMo film festival for smartphone films is a fantastic resource for starter filmmakers.

Click straight on the link in the site "How to shot a short film on your smartphone". It is the best EVER motivation to get you of your backside and MAKE A FILM!

Watch it! I mean it.
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A great book on making short films. Covers all parts of the process
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Another great book on making short films. A bit pricy, but useful.
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